Friday, August 05, 2005

All publicity is good publicity

I recently discovered an extremely unfavorable review of my website. For some reason though this guy's comments don't bother me much. Maybe it's because he can't spell ridiculous!

Here's what he has to say

"Good god. It's amazing how far you can go when you ignore that little voice in your head that points out how rediculous you are being. This is the worst of feminism, wicca and neo-pagan sexuality rolled into a Geocities-style website. I have rarely seen a site so ... crap."
by CastorQuinn, Aug 11, 9:02pm, 2004

Strong words Castor! Something we said must have touched a nerve I'd say.

You can check out other sites CastorQuinn likes and doesn't like at his stumbleupon page

You could also check out and see if you agree with him!

If you don't already know about StumbleUpon it's worth checking out. StumbleUpon offers a downloadable toolbar that you can use to rate websites that you visit and which takes you to sites that others have rated highly in the categories that you are interested in. In it's own words "It is backed by a community of members who explore and review sites they like. These reviews help everyone discover the best sites and meet like-minded people." I have "stumbled upon" some great sites using their toolbar.

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Beth said...

Just quietly, I think poor Castor needs to get out more... and learn to spell. I think your site is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!