Sunday, July 30, 2006

Continence Awareness Week

I love the way songs teach me about things. I'm talking, not just about songs that I hear, but particularly about songs that I have written myself.

It happens like this: I write the song and I think I know what it's about - well I wrote it didn't I? And then, over time, I find the the song teaches me more than I had ever realised was contained in it. It makes me question the whole idea of "I write" and to accept more and more that I am much more of a vehicle for the song to come through than the creatrix.

I wonder if other song writers, or poets and artists have had similar experiences. I'd love to hear about it if you do.

Mostly the revelations I get from my songs are on an emotional level - how I feel about things and how to deal with situations in my life. Recently though 'Do the Kegel' has been revealing stuff big time - in a very practical way. Before started on compiling the support information for the website ( I didn't really have an idea of how widespread incontinence problems are. Nor what a huge industry disposable continence products is becoming. I certainly never knew that there was such a thing as 'Continence Awareness Week' here in Australia and also in the UK. Maybe it also exists in the US also but I haven't tapped into it there yet.

And I certainly wouldn't have had the remotest notion that I would be flying up to Melbourne with my CD in my hand to attend the Continence Awareness Week breakfast next week! Nor quite how passionate I would become about supporting awareness about this oh so common but hidden, embarrassing and, for some, incredibly debilitating problem.

Continence Awareness Week 2006 in Australia is 6th - 12th August.
The Continence Awareness foundation's slogan is Pelvic floor- use it or lose it!

Lets get kegeling!

PS The feedback I'm getting for 'Do the Kegel' has been great so far. Women are finding that the song really motives them to do their pelvic floor exercises and they have fun while they are doing them. There's still an opportunity to get a free download by heading to the forum and posting your kegel related tip or question - but be quick!

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