Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Victoria Vulva's video debut

Victoria is an unusually vocal velvet vulva. In her video debut she demonstrates how to do your kegel exercises correctly. You can see her on Google video.

Victoria would love some fan mail. Post a comment on google video or on the Do the Kegel forum and let us know and I'll send you a link to download the song for free.


Mike said...

Hello Yoni Blog,

My wife stumbled across your website and pointed me toward a discussion board I nearly forgot about. After reading it with her I remembered I left you a comment almost ten years ago on a discussion of female armpit/body hair. I would love the opportunity to give a ten year later follow up on that discussion but couldn't find an appropriate feedback line on your site anywhere. I think your readers might enjoy what has become of that person now that it is a decade later and he is happily married for just over four years. (BTW we didn't meet on adult friend finder LOL!!!!)

I wish I could leave contact info here, but I really don't need the spam or the trolls. I truly would enjoy following up with you whether the discussion makes it on you site or not.

-Mike '96.......'06

Anonymous said...

Are men threatened by female masturbation?