Friday, August 15, 2014

The Adventures of a Vulvalicious Cushion (or Vere's Vulva?)

Earlier this year my fabulous sex geek colleagues Deej and Uma of the Institute of Somatic Sexology took off on their world tour to facilitate the Sexological Bodywork training in the UK as well as educating folks in a few other places en route. Part of their 'must have' training equipment was a Mini Vulvalicious Cushion (code name Vere). The Absolutely Vulvalicious Cushions are anatomically accurate fabric art works, designed by yours truly and constructed by amazing Maggie. Using the latest anatomy research they demonstrate the elegant, intricate, but poorly understood arousal structures within a vulva owners pelvis. 
In this video you can see some exhibition visitors exploring the delights of the cushions on show at Celebration of the Female Form. 

Designed to travel, Vere is a Mini Vulvalicious, little sister to the Absolutelys, but absolutely equipped with the important bits. She's got a taste for adventure and ends up in some interesting places. Check out her world tour!

Deej, Uma, Vere and yours truly at the send off party

On the plane - ready for takeoff

Checking into the Dusit Thani in Bangkok with her entourage. She's always wanted to stay there!

At the food market off Silom - she lives for this!

And onwards towards London - Bangkok was fun. Now for some culture?

Colour co-ordinated with a lovely London bus

Shopping? Look what the new season has brought to Harrods

Hanging out with the boys!

Hanging out with the girls!

So that's what the ugly duckling turned into?

Tea for two in Hyde Park

Vere's vulva?

Nice colours!

Packing for the Embodiment Intensive

Breakfast with Sexological Bodywork Godfather, Joseph Kramer

Meeting old friends

Making new friends 

With her people

Vere's vulva now? 
As of 16/8/14 Deej is still offering a Certified Sex Geek t-shirt to the first to find her it.

Tired but thoroughly embodied - heading back to London

Instead of deciding who to go with - OMG - she's cloned herself! 

Oo la la! Quelle rivière belle.

And a fairly hefty phallic symbol!

Our Vulvalicious Lady

Friend is 'ami' in French

And 'amic' in Catalan

Relaxing in Barcelona

A bit of unfinished business

 And finally, back home in Brisbane, in the 'bosom' of her family.

Find out more about the Vulvalicious cushions at The yOniversity website. You can meet and connect with them by attending one of our workshops or you might like to join the Vulva Underground and get your very own here

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Kelsey said...

Hi Deej, I found Vulva, has anyone else spotted her yet? aka Vere's vulva now?
As of 16/8/14 Deej is still offering a Certified Sex Geek t-shirt to the first to find her it. Would love that t-shirt, she is on the chair on the lawn :)