Friday, June 16, 2006

Marketing without the hype?

Sounds good to me. I am so fed up with sales letters that are twenty screens long and chock full of hype about the money I will make, how easy it will be and how much I'll kick myself if I don't buy right now.

There are so many of them out there that I am guessing they must work for some people. Not me although occasionally I actually do want the product in spite of the ghastly sales letter. That feels very weird!

I fit more in the category that Brett Hurt describes in his review of "Waiting for the Cat to Bark" the newest book on marketing by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg.

He says "An educated person doesn't react well to the traditional 'art of manipulation' that most marketers attempt to employ in their campaigns. As a matter of fact it tends to make them feel defensive - like a cat backed into a corner. (That's me Brett) No-one understands this new world of marketing better than the Eisenbergs. "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? is the marketing manifesto of our generation. Read it, weep, and then go do something about it."

I'll be reading.

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