Thursday, March 20, 2008

An easter egg hunt that makes a difference

Did you know that nearly half the world's chocolate is made from cocoa grown in the Cote D'Ivoire, in Africa. An estimated 12,000 children have been sold into slavery to work on these farms.


This is an Easter egg hunt with a difference.

The best way to know that your Easter egg is traffik free is by buying fair
trade chocolate eggs. Hunt out fair-trade Easter eggs in your town. In a
traditional egg hunt the eggs are hard to find. Sadly it may be the same
with fair-trade eggs. This may be frustrating but we must tell this story so
people realize what is going on.

Go to every shop & supermarket where you live to hunt out a fair-trade egg. Take a photo of yourself outside the shops where you find a fairly traded Easter Egg. Print off and give the shop manager one of the STOP THE TRAFFIK coupons.

And then make your find the talk of the town ...

1. Upload a photo, put your first name, where you are from & one line saying what it was like onto the

2. Fill in this letter and give it to the manager of every
shop you visited that didn't sell a fairly traded Easter Egg.

3. To make this story the talk of the town sends your story and photos of your
Easter Egg Hunt to your local newspaper/local radio/school newsletter or
other community newsletters.

You can tell everyone what you found even when Easter has passed.

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