Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do the Kegel

I'm back on my pelvic floor muscle exercise bandwagon again!
(See earlier post coughing & kegeling)

Back in the hey day (!?) of the Voices of Gaia I wrote a song called Do the Kegel. It was a popular song but we never recorded it although we were often asked for it.

Recently I decided to indulge my inner diva and my Aquarian desire to change the world and go into the recording studio and make a solo recording of the Kegel. With the help of seasoned musicions and producers Bharti & Atmo we have come up with a catchy, invasive little number that gets into your brain and is difficult to get out. An excellent quality for a song that is designed to get you to do something!

I'm going to put a warning on the cover

WARNING : This song is a viral marketing device targeted at your well being. It is designed to get stuck in your brain and to seduce you into doing pelvic floor exercises!

It's sounding good and we are in the final stages of production and already planning a lounge mix, dance mix, DVD etc!!. I hope to have it available for download in a couple of weeks. The first two of verses are online at and you can drop me an e-line to be the first to know when it is ready to download.

The first fifty people to email me will get a free copy as soon as it is ready!

Happy Kegeling

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