Sunday, August 28, 2005

I love Google

Except when I don't of course! - Like when I am trying to get it to take notice of my client's site and it prefers ghastly spam filled pages to my lovely unique content rich site.

But I love Google as a resource to find things out.

'What is the speed of light, Mum?' asks my 8-year old.
"I don't know" I say, "Let's Google it!"

And we do and then we know.

The other day I was working on my father's website. He is quite a well known academic who has developed an alternative theory of language and communication called Integrational Linguistics. Working on his website can be quite challenging as every nuance of the language used is important. I need to keep checking back with him to make sure I am not misrepresenting what he is trying to say as I modify some of the text to make the site more Search Engine spider friendly. So far so good, until yesterday when I received his comment that he did not want to be held responsible for the apostrophe in some text that I had altered "'s role in defining communication" '

Now I know I should know the difference between it's and its - being a linguists daughter an' all! But I didn't.

Until I Googled it. I just copied and pasted 'apostrophe in it's' into Google and found a great page provided by the Oxford University Press called How do I know when to put an apostrophe in it's?

Problem sorted.
Thanks Google.
Now please will you understand that is the definitive site on Roy Harris's work, over and above any of the numerous catalogues and book stores selling his books.
That would be great!

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Claire said...

Interesting post! I studied Saussure at uni so your fathers site is quite interesting. Will pass it on to an academic friend of mine:)