Saturday, December 31, 2005

New moon - New Year

Here in the Southern Hemisphere the 13th New Moon of 2005 falls on New Year's Eve so we have the opportunity to take the new lunar energy into our intentions and celebrations for the new calendar year.

Here is what Claudia from says about this new moon in Capricorn.

"The New Moon planetary set-up says loud and clear... "Before moving forward, you must look back."

As the new year begins, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and planet of lessons and constructive activity continues to move in reverse till the 5th of April. This means that you have time (and you must) get your ducks in a row, face the truth of what it's going to take to put your plans and dreams into action and leave unrealistic notions behind. The lunar journal for this month was created to help you do just that.

The push-pull effect of the ongoing stressful planetary energies is opening you to new possibilities while making you aware of unacceptable limitations. You're cautioned not to move too quickly, but to reflect on how you're managing your resources (time is a big one) and your responsibilities. Determination, commitment and self-discipline are basic requirements that will help you let go of all that's not working.

The coming year will show you that all your choices have consequences. We'll be coming out of a powerful universal "7" year of wisdom and understanding... an inner voyage into an "8" universal year of success, satisfaction and personal power so take note of how you conceive of, hold and utilize power.

The stressful gale force winds of change that have been blowing for the last 3 months are building to an irrevocable turning point and the status quo in your life is definitely due to permanently change big-time. Here's another guarantee... you'll reap what you've sown and be paid back for work well done. You can discover the opportunities for change coming up for you personally in 2006 with a reading.

Here are some questions to help you use these stressful energies in the most positive ways:
1) Where do you want to be a year from now?
2) What memories will help you on your journey?
3) What must you be responsible and accountable for?
3) What's essential for your journey to be successful and fulfilling?
4) What are your personal values and what have you been voting for with your feet and your dollars?
5) What enduring forms of self-expression will you create?

You're being asked to review selfish agendas and to be sure your intentions include love, humor...and joy. It's time to get in touch with your inner calling ...what you hold dear and want to share with the world.

Capricorn is signified by two different animals presenting you with two different choices regarding the way you use your power. First is the mountain goat seeking to climb the mountains in life by making sure every step is solid... leaving nothing to chance. However, this goat can be overly focused on power-grabbing tactics and selfish personal goals.

Second is the seagoat or mergoat. This animal strives to be a responsible servant for the good of all. Rather than seeking to find security through control over external resources... including people and the environment...the goal is self-mastery.

These are those interesting and exciting times we all asked to live in.... a time when every feeling, thought, word and action creates a reality. Determination, commitment and self-discipline are basic requirements that will help you let go of all that's not working so you can manifest what you truly want. It won't necessarily be easy, but know this... the rewards will be huge.

With Love, Best Wishes for a Happy New Year and Many Moonlit Blessings, Claudia "

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Blessings and a Happy New Year from me too

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