Friday, December 24, 2010

Debating vaccination

Even if I were not already personally convinced about the potential dangers of vaccination and the huge self-serving influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the medical profession and government - the extraordinary attacks trying to stifle the AVN,  a tiny pro-choice organization in Australia, would start to make me wonder what was going on.

In this article Dr Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong and long-time advocate for the right to publicly debate all issues of importance examines the attack against the AVN.

Dr Martin did not approach this issue from the point of view of someone who was either pro or anti-vaccine. He does not have a strong opinion on whether people should or should not be vaccinated.

Instead, he became interested in this issue due to his experience in examining the suppression of dissent -  both as a social scientist and also through his involvement with Whistleblowers Australia and  non violent conflict.

Dr Martin writes:

In my decades of studying scientific controversies, never had I come across, in a country like Australia, a concerted effort to destroy a citizen-based organisation whose main activity was providing information - until learning about the attack on the AVN.

Long but well worth reading..  click to view the article

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