Thursday, April 12, 2007

Protect priceless Aboriginal rock art at Burrup

Even as you read this, oil and gas giant Woodside are using diamond cutters to slice some of the oldest and largest collection of rock carvings in the world off the rocks at Burrup in Western Australia.

The time has come for Federal and State governments to come together and halt this unnecessary destruction of our heritage by calling for a moratorium on Woodside’s current bulldozings. Then they can call for an inclusive and meaningful discussion between all the parties with some integrity.

Even if you have spoken up on this issue before please add your name to the petition that GetUp Australia will present to leaders on this issue.

The destruction of the ancient Aboriginal rock art at Burrup would be akin to blowing up the the pyramids or bulldozing stonehenge.

Please don't let it happen.

Sign the petition here

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