Monday, October 30, 2006

Real Beauty?

Wow - check this video out

Fascinating - I couldn't stop watching it!

However I do have to add my piece (courtesy of the New Internationalist) about Unilever who produce Dove.

They may have an politically correct and women empowering advertising take but they are not super ethical about their supplies. In spring 2006 Unilever was challenged to dissociate itself from a major Indonesian palm oil supplier accused of mass firing of union members, expulsion of children from their homes and criminalisation of legitimate trade union activity. They are also accused of eviction and harrassment of indigenous people living in the area of tea plantations run by their Indian wing and farms supplying cotton seed to the same Hindustan Lever were accused of using child labourers as young as 10 to work in fields doused in pesticides which caused nausea and convulsions.

Still - great video!

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silentsurfur said...

Very interesting video I am gonna put this on my blog too. Thank you for sharing.