Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New moon in Scorpio

The Moon is New at 9° Scorpio
Tuesday Nov. 1st at 5:24 PM PDT; 1:26 AM GMT (Nov. 2) .. and at 10.26 on the second here in NSW Australia.

For a few months I have been subscribing to a newsletter from a site called that pops useful information about the moon into my inbox just before the new moon and the full moon.

This is what the author Claudia says about this new moon

"Somethin's gonna change and what you don't know will hurt you. You're headed for a journey into the world of your shadow and what's stuck down there is about to be seriously shaken loose.

First of all, as if the Scorpio Moon's energy isn't intense enough all by itself...every planet except one...Jupiter...changes direction between now and Christmas. This further intensifies this already intense energy and shakes up the status quo.

Next... The planets are moving into a stressful pressurized pattern called a Grand Fixed Cross and you'll be feeling the influence over the next 2 months.
The message is that something's gotta give. It's a cosmic plot to get you to let go of all that's no longer useful and that includes inflexible ideas, constant needs for others' approval, outdated values and priorities, and negative ingrained emotions. You can look forward to the demise of some very old and perhaps very destructive habits. The realization to be reaped is that power is not outside of you, but within you.

Now for some re-e-e-ally BIG news. Jupiter...the largest planet in our solar system... has moved out of Libra and into Scorpio until November 23rd. Jupiter shines a giant searchlight down into your emotional basement. What's been hidden in those lead-lined footlockers deep in your emotional psyche preventing you from dreaming BIG and feeling fully?

The really GOOD news is that Jupiter brings angel power you can call on to help you transform negative emotions and expand your spiritual connection. This month's lunar journal gives you a real head start on navigating this energy successfully and utilizing it to your best advantage."

I thoroughly recommend Claudia's lunar journal as a great way to stay tuned in to the energy of the moon and to record your journey through the lunar month. Check it out or view a 7-page sample at You can subscribe to her newsletter as well.

I have also just received Shekinah's beautiful moon diaries and moon cycle charts for 2006. They are filled with seasonal and lunar information and are now available in both Southern and Northern Hemisphere editions. Check out the moon magic range at in the moon diary pages. Wonderful Christmas, Solstice and New Year gifts!

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